Monday, September 9, 2013

Emelia Rose is 2!

My how time flies! Our darling little Emelia Rose is 2 already. Where has the time gone?  She is solo sweet and funny and did I mention adorable too! Her signature pigtails just add to her cute little personality.

One of my favorite things she does now is every night at bedtime I put her in her bed and she says in her sweet little voice,"Sweep in my window!" She loves for us to lay in her window seat while she is getting to sleep! Now if we could only get her to stay asleep in her bed all night!

These are her two year highlights!

Favorite foods: only have found a couple she doesn't like, cantelope and chicken. Otherwise she eats everything on her plate and yours too!

Loves to carry around a purse

Wears her pigtails with her bows!

Loves to do things "myself!"

Still likes to have a bottle at night night time.

Gives the best hugs and kisses!

Loves her little kitten Dakota and carries her around all of the time! She likes to smoosh her in the back of her trike!

Likes to be read to.

Loves to play peek a boo!

Very agile and climbs on and up everything!

She loves idea where she got that trait!

Says almost anything in the sweetest little baby voice!

Says "wuv you!"

Loves to keep up with "Aba and "Kale".

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

January 2013

January started off with a little sledding at our friend's house.  The kids had so much fun.  Their cousin Dax came along too and they were all smiles for about 45 minutes and then they were all done.  The crying started and we headed for home. 
 Here is Dave and Kale on the toboggan that I had as a kid.  It still works!
 Dax, Emelia, and Ava took a turn on the sled!
 Here's my little owl, Emelia!  She just laughed and giggled all the way down the hill.
 Here they all are going for a ride!
 Emelia and Kale took several trips down the hill and usually stayed at the bottom to play for a while in the snow!  Fun was had by all!
 Ava ended up sick the last week of January and we had to go pick her up from school.  She tried going back for one day, but ended up with a fever.  Kale is pretending he is calling school and has his tool box with his medical equipment so he can fix her!  He is so funny! Then Emelia followed her and Kale wasn't too far behind. 

Here are random pictures throughout the month....some not in order, but I wanted to do this in January and here it is mid February!  So here goes!

 One of my projects I wanted to accomplish before I went back to work after Christmas was to organize my basement tubs. I got it finished and with my garage sale last fall I was able to empty out over 20 tubs! 
 Here's Daddy and the kids.  I think he was reading, but ended up getting tackled.
 Emelia Rose sporting some pigtails!

 Here's a picture of the kids and their new shirts.  My friend that we met while Ethan was sick made these.  Aren't they adorable!
 Here is one of my many projects in January.  I made 100 wedding invitations for our friends in Arkansas.  He is the rodeo clown for Ethan's Rodeo.
 Here's a card we did at stamp club.
 Emelia Rose being goofy hiding under her bed.
 This is the same card as above, but modified for stamp camp.
 Ava lost her first tooth!  She was so excited!
 I dyed my hair dark.....still not decided if I like it or not, but I've had it for a few weeks now!  Guess I can always dye it again!
 These are the invitations I did for my nephews 2nd birthday!
 Another stamp camp card.
 We celebrated Aunt Hannah's 14th birthday.

 The kids hanging out in our bedroom!
 Project for February.  Dave is finally going to work on our mudroom area.  So hopefully come the end of February I will have pictures to share.
That's it for the month!  It's been a good year thus far!  Looking forward to spring when we can get outside to play more!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine Decor

I love to decorate.....surprise, surprise, but I've never gotten to decorate for Valentine's Day before.  My husband does not like the "Hallmark" holiday, but I do and I love how my mantle turned out.  The bird house was one of the first things I bought for our house and I try to incorporate it for every holiday.  I love the little heart banner I made on my cricut.  I made another little heart banner by just using one of my heart punches, a little hot glue, and some jute.  I've had the LOVE sign forever and the heart wreath I'm pretty proud of because it is just some greenery that I had in our old house and I wired it into the shape of a heart.  I spent.....$0 to make my mantle festive for the holiday!  I'm already planning what's in store for spring/Easter.  Easter is a little early this year though so I'm going to have to do some extra thinking so I can use what I have for both!
 Here's a picture of it from a little further back.  I painted the decorative piece on the front of our fireplace before I decorated for Christmas and I really like it still.  Hope you enjoy and get inspired to decorate at your own house!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Organizing With the Weimans 101

We didn't really get to declutter/pitch anything before we moved due to me having three kids and Dave working on the house non-stop.  So needless to say when we moved everything just got put somewhere and the next two pictures give you a little insight on what our pantry has looked like for the past 5 months.  I was off a couple weeks at Christmas and had a couple things on my "to do" list and the pantry organization was one of those things.  Here are the BEFOR pictures.  Note the bottom part where if you don't know what to do with it then just throw it in the bottom of the pantry.  Nothing was really out of date as I had gone through that a few months ago after I went through my Grandma's cubboards and pitched items that were well over 5 years old so that being said I thought I should do as I preach and come home and do it to my own house.
So that is the before, and here is the AFTER
 I found these plastic storage baskets at Menards and then also found the same ones in different sizes at Wal-Mart.  The labels are part of the Martha Stewart collection that they have at Staples.  They are chalkboard stickers and I used a permanent white marker on them for labels.  Note the wine glasses.  Dave and I LOVE to entertain and we haven't had our wine glasses from the old house in our new on so now they finally have a home.
 I'd like to put another shelf up high and one just above the cans so that I can have another layer for stacking my canned goods.  The top shelf I would like for things that I don't use everyday like the cupcake holder and miscellaneous other gadgets, but I was told that there were some other projects to be finished first.
 We keep our microwave in our pantry and have ever since we have lived in our old house.  We like that it keeps it off of our counter.  You don't have to have anything fancy either when you hide it in your pantry.  The shelving underneath was from Lowes I believe, it was from the old house and works well to house pans and bowls.  Right now I have a few cookbooks on the bottom, but I would like to put those on a shelf after I get the top shelf in place.
 I did sort our canned goods, but I have seen some interesting ideas on how to organize them further such as magazine holders. They are good for now though.

Here's a close up of my labels.  I LOVE having my baking supplies in a basket that I can just pull out and bring to the counter.  We have a little overflow to the left and right, but those are things that we don't use all that often, liquor is to the left and crackers, bread crumbs, etc are to the right.

I didn't get new containers for everthing, but I am thinking about it!!  I love things to match, but for now this is what they were in and at least they are labeled.  We have our own cake pop container.  Ava got one for Christmas and her Daddy and her spent until 3:00 in the afternoon making cake pops.  Let's just say that the kitchen was a disaster.  The other two are for icing and sprinkles....maybe I should downsize the amount we have, but at least I will have what I need when I go to use it.  We have a TON of cookie cutters that I've collected over the years.
I didn't think I had one, but found one on my phone of where the coffee pot is.  It works out nicely and Dave's mess stays in the pantry.  I'm thinking about moving the snack box a little higher, but for now it is good.  Bad thing is that Kale can reach all the snacks without my help!
Here is a picture (out of order) that was taken before I got "label happy".  I LOVE anything with a label and that is my goal to get my entire house organized and labeled.  Dave just rolls his eyes and lets me go!  The shelf on the left has the coffee pot. I guess I didn't take a picture of that, but we put outlets for both the coffee pot and the microwave so we don't have that on the counter either.  Can you tell that I like to keep my counters clutter free! Up next is my bedroom cabinet and closet. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

First Christmas at Our New Home

This was our first Christmas in our new house and anyone that knows me well knows that I LOVE to decorate.  I got to decorate a little for fall, but I really got into the Christmas spirit.  I have a very neutral living room since it is open to the entire house.  For my mantle I made a NOEL banner for the lighted greenery wreath and put my Willow Tree nativity "up high"....lots of little hands at my house.  The bird house is my main focal point on my mantle for all seasons and I like how it looks with the Christmas decorations.  The chalkboard JOY fit just perfectly and my star from IKEA turned out very neat.  I thought at first it was going to be too tall, but with our 2 story room it worked out well.  I made burlap stockings for my mantle although the kids asked several times where their stockings were.  The tree next to the fireplace is for my ESC Snowman ornaments.  I love them.  This tree has only toppled down twice on my 16 month old! 
 Here's a close up of the mantle.  I orignally had the ornate decoration in black, but decided when I took down my fall decor that I was going to paint it an off-white.  I really like how it turned out!

 My Christmas tree this year was a lot of fun.  I finally have back the lanterns that we used for the centerpiece decorations at our wedding reception 10 years ago.  They have been loaned out to over 15 weddings and parties.  I got quite the deal on them from Michaels and I got 2 in a box with the stand to hold them for $1.28 each.  I started with 40+ but am not down to 25 or so.  I added them to our tree to celebrate our 10 years together. 

 The garland is just burlap bought by the yard cut into approximately 4" strips.  I used gold berry sprigs that I already had for filler and bought some gold/silver balls for a little bling!  The picture ornaments are just 4x6 sepia toned photos printed out and I cut shapes on my cricut for the matte.  I LOVE this ornament idea.  We lost our 4 1/2 year old son 3 years ago to cancer and this really helps to keep his spirit alive during the Christmas season.  Our little ones get to see him too and know a little more about him. I plan on doing something very similar next year.

 Here's a peak at my dining room wall that holds very sentimental items from our Ethan.  This was his cowboy hat, guitar, boots, lasso, work gloves and horse shoes.  I think it turned out perfectly and we can see it from our living room so we can enjoy it from there too.
 This is the buffet on the opposite wall in our dining room.  I really love this ladder that I got earlier this year.  The ball jars were for pictures of my little ones that I printed in gray tone, but they were too large for the jars so they are empty this year, but the plan for next year is to print out wallet size pictures and put little tea lights behind the photos.  The milk jars on the far right are from the dairy that my husband's family used to own.  We got a few more for Christmas too so it will be fun to add to this collection next year. To top off my crate I have some more ESC snowmen and another one of the lanterns that I had at our head table for our wedding.

 Here's a look at our dining room.  The center piece is just silver balls in a glass container and some greenery on a silver plate.  I made the table runner out of felt and some ruffled edging on the ends.  (I guess I forgot to take a picture of that detail!)  I LOVE the silhouettes on my wall.  I had that planned out well before we moved in.  I really like this focal point for the room. 
 This was a hard photo to get, but this is the lighted greenery on our stairs.  I think next year I might add some burlap ribbon in it too.  You can't see it, but at the top of the steps on the toy room wall we have a colored light tree with all the kids ornaments.  They had fun with this tree.

Here is a view of the mantle and garland from afar.  I love sitting in our living room looking at all the decorations.

My kitchen didn't get decorated near as much as I had hoped, but I just plain ran out of time.  I did get my chalkboards updated thanks to my Mom and had another ladder that I hung on our wall with some greenery.  Next year I would like to add word silhouettes on the greenery.  Lots of ideas in store for 2013. 
Hope you enjoyed my "Christmas House Tour".  The season flew by so fast, but I'm sure I will have just as much fun decorating for spring.